Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review: Afloat by Erin Healy


Afloat is a stunningly, honest examination of the selfishness that is found within the human heart. We are given the opportunity to see how a group of very different people react to the chance of replacing their selfishness with selflessness (love). This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller chock full of the most delicious twists and turns that brings about the most unexpected and heart-soaring ended. You will have to read this hauntingly moving story in order to experience it for yourself.

The two main characters that this story revolves around would seem to be the most ordinary people that you would meet on the street. Unfortunately, life has thrown them some wicked curve balls, and they have both tried to pull themselves back up on their feet but through two very different methods. While Vance has come to rely on God through the compassionate and loving help from his friend and mentor Zeke, Danielle has come to rely on a questionable local business man named Tony to help her get out of her life-altering misery. If anyone would examine the lives of Vance and Danielle, they would undoubtedly conclude that they were over the hump and back on track to getting their life back, but underneath the surface, things aren’t quite as happy and perfect for either one as some would assume.

Vance has kept his mind busy in building the perfect inhabitable living structure that will float on water inside of a small cove. His dream is to offer this new housing to the homeless and those who can’t afford proper housing. However, in his search for funding, his dream is forcibly redesigned into offering these living spaces to the wealthy in order to make a profit after construction is complete. Danielle’s boss Tony who seeks to make life easier for her, pulls her farther and farther into his sticky web of deceptive advertising for Vance’s new housing for the wealthy. She works hard for him to show her appreciation, but her heart is somewhere else. She wonders how long she can keep up this pretense without Tony figuring out that it is not real.

This story will pull you under the surface as its once beautifully calm depths transform into a raging, life-altering trial. Just when all hope is lost, we see our redemption swoop in to carry us away, but we must still our heart and listen to that small voice. If we aren’t quiet we will miss the life-saving instructions from our Rescuer and risk being swept away by the waves of confusion and chaos. This story belongs to those whose minds and hearts can’t be easily stilled. It will bring such a hope that even they can’t deny or turn away from. I pray you will open your heart to what the Lord would should you as you take part of this hair-raising, heart-refining journey.


  1. Oh, thank you for this beautiful review of my novel. I'm so happy that it filled you with hope.

  2. Thank you for a great review. I was wondering whether to pick up this book soon, and now I know that I will have to get it!