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The Apocalypse Tour


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Pam Funke is the grand-daughter of a Pastor and was brought up in the church. Her love of reading led her to write for the enjoyment of others. She lives in Hinesville, Georgia  with her son and daughter.


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Operation Dark Angel: The Rise Of Nicolatianes Book blurb and excerpt:

This is the first book in the exciting The Apocalypse series.

Our current world is full of chaos, turmoil, hatred, wars, starvation, murders and strife.  Every day the world spirals more and more out of control. The people of the world feel helpless and are looking for someone, anyone to save them. Who will save them and bring peace  to the world? Can the birth of a  single child be the answer to their prayers? Where is God in all of this? Is anyone even searching for Him or are they too caught up in the world to even bother looking?

Nicolaitanes Balac, a man who is quickly gaining political power and reverence, has enlisted the help of General Alexander Ludlow and The Group in an attempt to bring about peace and serenity for the entire world. Hence, the birth of Operation Dark Angel, a military operation designed to bring about world peace. Or is it? Will the  operation really bring an end to the turmoil, violence and hatred or will it make matters worse? What can the people of the world do to regain control of the world?


She remembered the first time that she ever heard about the prophecy.
It was a day like no other.............she sat on the pews of  St. Peter's Basilica next to her parents. She was ten years old and enthralled with anything having to do with the church. She loved learning about God. Her mother, Camila, said that she was just a huge sponge soaking up everything the world had to offer. She supposed that was how she obtained the nickname Little Sponge that he father called her lovingly.
She sat there observing the people around her and looking at the beautiful decorations throughout the church. She was eagerly awaiting mass to begin. She couldn't wait to hear what today's lesson was about. How could she possibly know that today's lesson would change her life one day.
“Today, I humbly come before you to tell you the prophecy about The Child. The holy one that will one day be born to a virgin who is close to God's own heart. The Child will be born to bring peace to our war-torn world. He will eliminate all wars, all strife, all hunger, all poverty, all desegregation, all religious differences. He will bring us all together. Won't that be a glorious day? I only hope that I live long enough to see it happen,” Pontiff Basil said.
Mariel was excited. She longed to see the face of The Child, the messiah, the one destined to solve all of the world's problems. Will it happen during my lifetime? I really hope so.
“If I knew back then that I would be the one chosen to carry The Child, I don’t know what I would have done. My parents would have been so proud to know that their daughter was chosen for such a great honor as this,” Mariel said sitting on the curb. If only I could tell them.


Mariel got up and headed to the Colosseum. She started walking, but suddenly stopped when she realized that she wasn’t even going to get to tell her family goodbye. Should she return home first and say her goodbyes? She wouldn’t say a word about why she was leaving. Yes, I think that will be alright. She turned around and started walking back home.
“What are you doing Mariel? The Colosseum is the other way?” the voice asked.
“Lord, I just need to go home and say goodbye to my family. Besides they’ll be so worried and hurt if I just leave without saying goodbye,” Mariel replied.
“No my child, no one must know of this. Do you not understand the importance of this child? Now go to the Colosseum, Rosalind won’t wait much longer,” the voice said firmly.
Mariel sighed, perhaps after the child was born she would be allowed to let her family be involved. She laid her hand gently over her abdomen and smiled. She was going to be carrying a little person inside her. Hello little one, I shall carry you with great joy! She smiled as she quickly walked towards the Colosseum and her new journey.

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