Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: A Mom's Battle Cry to Overcome Fear (Battle Cry Devotional Series) By Laura Marshall


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A Mom's Battle Cry to Overcome Fear by Laura Marshall is a beautiful collection of hope, inspiration, and encouragement to mothers. Mothers can easily get wrapped up in the little day-to-date tasks and details that fill our lives, and we easily lose sight of the precious truths that this devotional reminds us of.

It’s the personal touch that Laura infuses into this devotional that will break your heart and mend it with God’s loving and patient hands. As mothers, we pour ourselves into the lives of our family, and that at times this leave us empty and wanting which helps to feed the fears that naturally take hold in a mother’s heart. Laura reminds us and helps us to refocus our attention on the most important things in life – God is with us and He loves us. We must always remember that He will never leave us or forsake us.

A Mom's Battle Cry to Overcome is sure to bring you the needed refreshment and renew the connection with God that you will need to pick yourself back up and carry on from one day to the next. I recommend this devotional to all mothers who are tired of letting their fears rule their lives. Reclaim what God has given to you and, with Him at your side, live the life you were always meant to live – a life free from fear.

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