Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Creativity From the Past

A Word                                                               3/11/97
by Amber McCallister

A word is a dangerous tool
It can tear through the heart and bring false hope
It does not care who it hurts
After all it does not have any feelings
A word can be as free as a horse
It’s spirit can have the freedom of the wind
If we leave our words unchecked
They can hurt and harm others
They can walk all over feelings and tear hearts in two
They can bring sadness and loneliness to ourselves and others
They can determine how we will live our lives
How we interact with others
How we think of ourselves
Whether we are kind or mean can be determined by the words we speak
But if we are careful, our words can help and heal
They can bring happiness to a person’s day
It can make them feel good and help them feel loved
It can give them a reason to face another day
A reason to smile and be happy
They can make a heart happy
And they can make a heart sad
It is up to you and only you
You are the only one who can determine how your words will affect others
After all you are the only one who can control your tongue
No matter what always make the decision that will help others the most
That will  make them feel good
And will make them feel that they are worth something
That they are special and important
Because they are
Each and every one of them!!

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