Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review of The Wishing Well Curse by Lynn Donovan


The Wishing Well Curse is a beautifully haunting story of the pain of love lost and the courage of one to find it again. The hope that flows through the pages of this book completely overpowers the loss and pain seen throughout. This is one story whose faith and love will unlock and overflow the hidden parts of your heart with an indescribable love and an unfaltering faith.

Through a series of seemingly random events, Zeke, our unlikely hero, seems to have his life completely dismantled before his eyes in less than a day. When things couldn’t get worse, Zeke learns that he must face and destroy a family curse that has been handed down to him from a family he never even knew existed. He not only must search through his past in order to understand this curse, but he must also use that knowledge to figure out a way to break this curse and fulfill his destiny. 

Lynn Donovan creates before our eyes some of the most beautiful and in-depth characters that I have come to love and cherish. Each of them plays a vital role in helping Zeke discover who he is, where he came from, and what he is truly capable of. Even when he can’t see it himself, Zeke’s new friends and family members work to show him that he is so much more than even he has dared to imagine. His transformation would not have been as powerful and meaningful without their encouragement and faith in him.

If you could take only one thing away from reading The Wishing Well Curse, it would be to not settle for second best when God desires to give you His best for your life.  We sometimes just need to be patient in order to see the remarkable plans that He has in store for us. In this case, Zeke just needed to wait patiently on the Lord and His leading. If Zeke had followed his own logic and went back to the only home he ever knew, he would have missed out on an amazing journey of the discovery of God’s incomprehensible love and faithfulness that transformed his heart and life in more ways than he could have ever imagined.

The Wishing Well Curse is an incredible story of courage, faith, and love that will bring hope and peace to those who need it the most and especially to those who think they don’t need it at all. I hope that each of us will spread the beautiful message of this story to those around us who are hurting and in need of God’s love and direction in their life.

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  1. Thank you. This was beautifully articulated. I appreciate it very much!
    Lynn Donovan