Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lichgates (Book 1 of the Grimoire Saga) by S.M. Boyce


Lichgates is a non-stop, whirlwind adventure which will take you to a hidden world within our own world. While on this amazing journey, you will meet and learn about new and exotic people and animals, but most importantly, you will discover the delicate and precarious balance that exists between good and evil which is only one poor step or decision away. It all begins with a single choice. This is a book for anyone who has truly enjoyed the amazing adventures of Eragon or the Lord of the Rings. 

Your heart will break for Kara who is unknowingly pulled into the land of Ourea to become the most sought after person known as the Vagabond. While Kara slowly learns who she has become and the new abilities that she needs to master in order to fulfill her purpose, she is accompanied by a mysterious man named Braeden Drakonin. She knows little about him, but she has no one else to turn to or trust. She takes him on as her guide and unwillingly begins the journey that will not only change her life but also the future of Ourea forever.

While Kara is wrapped up in her own mind trying to struggle against her destiny, Braeden has his own demons to wrestle with. He wants to change the ultimate outcome of his life, and he feels that only way he can is to help Kara achieve her goals. On this new path that he has chosen, he finds unexpected twists and turns that he has to deal with. He isn’t sure he made such a good decision in following Kara, but until he comes up with a better idea, he does what he can to help her along the way. His is a reluctant ally, but he knows in his heart that helping her is what he needs to do. His time will come, and he eagerly awaits it.

I found it such a wonderful surprise to watch the plot twist and turn around the idea that people are not always what we think they are. While we may assume that they are a certain way based on what we have been told, this doesn’t always hold to be true. For whatever reason, people can turn out to be the opposite of our assumptions, and that was evident in many cases in this story. We should never presume to think we know what people are like. Instead, we should be brave enough to find out for ourselves what they are really like. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect while reading this story, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I found myself very disappointed when the story was finished as I was in no way ready for it to end. I was really enjoying the people that I met and very intrigued by the interactions and relationships of the main characters. I hope that I will be able to read the rest of the series as I am on pins and needles needing to know what happens next. I will be keeping an eye on this author as she has an immensely, beautiful talent that many are sure to enjoy and treasure.

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  1. What a wonderful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Lichgates so much. Thank you for having me.