Friday, April 12, 2013

Freefall to Fly: A Breathtaking Journey Toward a Life of Meaning by Rebekah Lyons


The title and premise of this book captured my interest, but I wasn’t ready for this story in the least. The depth of the honesty and the rawness captured throughout this story put me on the defensive. I didn’t know what to expect from this book, but it wasn’t this crystal clear look at the brokenness of this woman. I felt ashamed to have such front row view of her life. I felt like I was an intruder, a thief rifling through her journal and watching her in the worst and best moments of her life. There were times I could feel myself shrink away at how open this conversation was that I was peering in on.

After this initial shock and adjustment, I was then able to try to approach this story from the same way that I view all of the books that I read. However, the shock and adjustments continued because instead of reading the story with some level of empathy and distance, I kept catching glimpses of myself inside this story which made things very unnerving at times. I finally just stopped fighting these feeling and gave in completely.

I am still digesting this story, and I know that I will continue to do so for a long time to come as this story buries itself under your skin and makes its home there. There is nothing comfortable or nice about this story. It is honest, raw, and always opening long healed wounds. If you aren’t ready to face what you need to in order to live the life that we were created to live, then this is not a story that you are ready for. It will haunt you long after you have finished reading it. It is a living work in progress as it will never be finished until we draw our last breath on this earth.

Read this book with caution, but please consider reading it. This book is the fire-cracker that will bring your fa├žade of a life crashing down. It will make you see yourself with brutal and honest eyes. It will also bring you such a sweeping and exhilarating hope and love, but you have to decide if it is worth the risk involved. I hope that it is worth the risk and the pain that you will go through to be swept up in the arms of God as He loves you and puts your feet on the path that He always intended for you to walk.

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  1. Wow, I loved your review. Like the author of this book, you are being totally honest. I read this book as well, and also was very moved by it.
    I have friends and family members who suffer from depression, and I am buying each of them a copy of this book. This is a powerful memoir of what it feels like to fight anxiety—it’s not a self-help book, but a powerfully shared story.
    But here’s the thing—even if you don’t suffer from clinical depression, most of us question our purpose, wonder about life’s meaning. This book addresses the questions each of us asks, deep in our souls.