Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Apocalypse Book Tour

I am pleased to introduce you to Pam Funke's new series entitled The Apocalypse.

About the Author

Pam Funke is the grand-daughter of a Pastor and was brought up in the church. Her love of reading led her to write for the enjoyment of others. She lives in Hinesville, Georgia  with her son and daughter.

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Now onto her new series!

Her new series is called The Apocalypse Series.


Book 1 

Operation Dark Angel: The Rise of Nicolaitanes
ISBN: 978-1482675399
Softcover (346 pages)
Also available for Kindle

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17726274-operation-dark-angel
Will send you an Amazon link as soon as the book becomes available for sale.

Book trailer: http://youtu.be/Y871xctaZ50

Book blurb:

This is the first book in the exciting The Apocalypse series.

Our current world is full of chaos, turmoil, hatred, wars, starvation, murders and strife.  Every day the world spirals more and more out of control. The people of the world feel helpless and are looking for someone, anyone to save them. Who will save them and bring peace  to the world? Can the birth of a  single child be the answer to their prayers? Where is God in all of this? Is anyone even searching for Him or are they too caught up in the world to even bother looking?

Nicolaitanes Balac, a man who is quickly gaining political power and reverence, has enlisted the help of General Alexander Ludlow and The Group in an attempt to bring about peace and serenity for the entire world. Hence, the birth of Operation Dark Angel, a military operation designed to bring about world peace. Or is it? Will the  operation really bring an end to the turmoil, violence and hatred or will it make matters worse? What can the people of the world do to regain control of the world?

“So he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication.. And on her forehead a name was written: MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”

Revelation 17:3-5

Mariel Balac was a young, beautiful Italian woman who had lived in Rome all of her life. She lived on a large beautiful estate that had belonged to her family for generations. There was talk that it had been built by her great-great grandfather, who was some famous architect. Her family was very prominent in Rome. She was after all a direct descendant of the Roman Emperor, Nero Germanicus. Her family was well off. She had attended private Catholic schools her entire life. Even now, she was attending college at a private school run by the Catholic Church. She had not picked a major yet, as she was a little unsure of what she really wanted to do.
She enjoyed being around children and thought perhaps a teacher—but at the same time she was really good with adults also. Complete strangers often sought her out to get advice from her. Even when she was a child people would come to her with their problems. She had always been a good listener. Perhaps she could become a psychiatrist. Then she could get paid for listening. Wouldn’t that just make mother’s day. Her mother hated it when she would calmly listen and give advice to strangers; she felt as though it was beneath Mariel.


It was a beautiful fall day. It was cool out but not yet cold. She enjoyed this time of year. Rome was a beautiful city with all of its history, but she especially loved Rome in the fall when all the leaves were changing colors. She planned on going to the Colosseum. She loved walking amongst the old walls; she imaged the history of the place. Sometimes while walking there she could literally see things that had happened there. She enjoyed the day as she continued her walk.
“Mariel,” the voice called startling Mariel.
She looked around but did not see anyone.
“Mariel,” the voice called again.
Mariel stopped in her tracks. She was sure that she had heard someone calling her.
“Who’s there?” she called out timidly. She looked all around her.
“Mariel, you have been a faithful daughter. You have kept yourself pure. For that I am going to bless you with a child,” the voice continued.
Mariel was flabbergasted. Surely she was hearing things; perhaps someone was playing a joke on her. What madness is this?
“Okay now, whoever you are this isn’t funny! The joke is over—come out of hiding please,” Mariel said a little annoyed.
“Mariel, this is no laughing matter. You are a good and faithful servant. I am going to bless you with a child,” the voice said.
Mariel sat down on the curb. She suddenly felt very light-headed. I am finally going mad, just like mother used to joke around about. Keep listening and helping those crazies Mariel and you’ll end up just like them. Wouldn’t mother like to hear  about this. No, I can’t possibly be having this conversation with no one; perhaps this is nothing more than a dream. Whatever this is, I’ll just play along.
“But that is impossible. I do know what it takes for one to become pregnant and I have done no such thing!” Mariel replied. How dare he suggest that I’ve done such a horrendous thing. I would be shunned from the church. “I do not even have a boyfriend for heaven’s sake,” Mariel whispered.
Mariel was a little peeved by the implication of the situation. She was pure and intended on staying that way. She thoroughly believed in not engaging in pre-marital sex as it is a sin against God.
 “You will have a son and you are to call him Nicolaitanes. This child will grow up to do great and wondrous things,” the voice continued.
Wait a minute. Is the voice referring to the prophecy? Surely he can’t be talking about The Child, can he? I know that we talk about it a lot in church, but no one knows when that’s supposed to happen. Besides why on earth would I be chosen?
“I’m sorry, but would you mind repeating that?” Mariel asked.
“Why do you doubt me so, dear daughter? You have been chosen for this wondrous blessing. Are you not honored?” the voice replied.
Mariel stood there for a moment pondering all that she had heard. Is this truly happening to me? Why me? Am I truly being chosen to carry and birth The Child?
“Yes Mariel, you are,” the voice interrupted.
Mariel was stunned, she finally got it. She was being chosen to carry The Child, her. Wow. I am completely honored. I hope that father will be proud of me. This is so exciting.
She truly believed that this was the voice of God talking to her and choosing her to carry the Messiah.
“It shall be my honor,” she replied joyfully.
“And Mariel?” the voice called.
“Yes?” she replied.
“No one must know of this. Not even your family. There will be those who will not want this child to be born. He must be protected at all costs,” the voice continued.
What am I going to do now? I will be all alone. I cannot do this by myself. Why does God want me to not even have the support of my family? They want The Child to come just as much as I do. She sat there just staring blankly. Her joy was quickly snuffed out by sadness.
“Do not worry child. Everything will be alright. You will not be alone. Go to the Colosseum and wait just inside the gate. There you will meet a woman named Rosalind Carey. She will be your protector. Go with her, she will help you with everything. And remember, you must not tell anyone about this conversation. Do you understand?” the voice replied.
“Yes, I understand. I accept this quest with a joyful heart, Lord. Thank you for choosing me to carry your beautiful son,” Mariel said.
“Go now Mariel, Rosalind is waiting,” the voice said and was gone.

Book 2

The World at War
ISBN: 978-1475102260
Softcover (520 pages)
Also available for Kindle

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16076532-the-world-at-war
Will send you an Amazon link as soon as the book becomes available for sale.

Book trailer: http://youtu.be/m0U5eyrMp_U

Book blurb:

The second book in the exciting The Apocalypse series.

Join General Alexander Ludlow as he continues on his mission to save the world. At least that is what he thinks that Operation Dark Angel is all about. He is however starting to suspect that this mission is not all that it's cracked up to be. The world is in complete chaos as major nations wage war on each other and the world is on the brink of World War III.

The Group is secretly continuing Operation Dark Angel with much success. Unknown to the rest of the world they are the ones who are behind the strange and devastating attacks on Israel and around the world. What is it that they are really after when they are supposed to be bringing peace to an out of control world?

Italian President Nicolaitanes Balac is steadily gaining political power and recognition. The entire world is watching this one man and wondering if he will be the one to save them from the chaotic spiral that the world is headed towards. Is he really who he appears to be or is he something more sinister? Can he save the world? Do we even want him to? Is this who mankind should rely on for help or will this be the worst mistake that mankind has ever made?

Book excerpt:

Chee Tsang, China’s Chief Executive, gathered the country’s military officials together. He was ready for payback. How dare Israel attack his beloved country? Beijing is now just a smoldering disaster zone. This fact alone both angered and saddened him.
General Baojia Chan stood nearby looking over intelligence and working out a war strategy in his head. First we will attack Israel with missiles then a surprise attack with our massive army.
“General, I want your opinion about something. What will we gain from this? How will this attack on Israel benefit the people of China?” Chee Tsang asked.
General Chan looked back at the papers he was reviewing before looking at Mr. Chee Tsang. “Well, I think that this will only work as long as we contain the element of surprise. We then enter the country from here and here,” Baojia said pointing at the military map.
“I see. But would we not have a greater advantage point from here and here,” Chee asked.
“I have planned for the Immediate Action Unit to drop forces in at those locations,” General Chan replied.
“But I thought that we primarily used them to protect the country from terrorism, riots, and the like. If we use them in our attack, won’t that leave the country defenseless?” Chee asked.
“Yes, the IAU is primarily used for that purpose but as they are extremely good at tactical maneuvers we will be using them to strengthen our military forces. The Snow Leopard Commando Unit will be protecting our country while the military is deployed,” Baojia replied.
“Very well then, how long before we can make this happen?” Chee asked.
“It is being done as we speak sir. In a matter of hours we will have our troops in the air,” Baojia replied.
General Chan has done well, although I wish that he had waited for my approval. Chee turned and faced General Chan. “You are doing a fine job. As I am not needed here I will be off taking care of more pressing issues. Do not disappoint me,” Chee said. He then turned and left the room.
General Chan turned back to his staff. “How much longer before the planes are loaded with the troops and equipment?” he asked.
“Sir, they will be ready for takeoff in approximately two and a half hours,” the young soldier replied.
“Excellent. Now I want you to launch the missiles at Israel. We will start by creating chaos and panic and then the real fun begins,” General Chan ordered.
“Yes sir,” the soldier replied. He then typed in the target locations, the order codes, and hit send.


Meanwhile in Russia, Adolph Christophe, Sergei and Anya Petrov watched as missiles appeared to approach the United States, England, France, and Japan. Adolph watched as the imaginary missile attack from China, Israel, Iraq, Turkey and Canada happened on screen. How is it possible that Sergei was able to achieve this? Won’t each of their security measures in place realize that none of this is real? This is unbelievable. While they watched their monitors and various news feeds on the television nothing seemed to indicate that the current attacks were anything other than real. This puzzled Adolph a little. How are they all being deceived so easily? Well it is of no consequence to me. Although I do wonder how it is being achieved.
Although he knew the truth, various countries were running amuck as they thought that their allies were attacking them. What he wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall and actually witness the panic and confusion going on in these countries.


Janet Chu, the current director of The United States’ Homeland Security, was currently in a secret meeting with representatives from each of the 50 states. They were finally going to have a temporary President, Vice President and presidential cabinet as their previous ones had been killed during the attack on Washington D.C. The United States was a little chaotic and definitely needed some guidance. The people of the United States would be given the opportunity to vote for someone more appropriate later.
“Does anyone have any experience that would govern them as a potential Presidential candidate?” Janet asked.
A couple of hands went up. Janet rubbed her forehead in frustration. How are we going to fill all the positions? “Okay, let’s do this. Those of you that raised your hands a moment ago, I want you to give us a brief description of your qualifications—a mini campaign if you will. Then after each of you has had your turn, we will vote for the position of acting President, acting Vice President, etcetera,” Janet said sitting down.
“Okay,” they replied in unison.
Approximately ten people stood up each giving their mini campaign in turn before returning to their seats. Janet had to admit that she was very impressed with a few of them; it was going to be difficult to vote.
“Now before we vote, I want to remind you that it is imperative that we be fair and think before we vote,” Janet said.
Before they could even start casting their ballots, multiple alarms went off across the room. Everyone in the room tensed up; no one said a single word. Janet got up from her chair trying to remain calm and walked over to the computer monitors. She looked at the radar screens then at the man sitting before the computer.
“Tell me that is not what I think it is,” Janet said.
“Ma’am, I really wish that I could. But we have ten missiles flying into our airspace,” Joe Hogan said panicky.
“Quickly deploy the interceptor missiles,” Janet replied.
Joe looked pale. “I did ma’am, they had absolutely no effect,” Joe replied.
“Where did they come from Joe?” Janet asked.
Joe looked like he was ready to pass out. “Iraq and Canada,” Joe replied shaking.
“Are you telling me that those missiles came from our own allies?” Janet yelled pointing at the screen.
Joe was almost afraid to answer, “Yes ma’am, I’m afraid that they have.”
Janet looked back at the representatives; they all had the same expression on their faces. Janet hesitated for only a moment, “Joe, I want you to return fire immediately. Defend our country.” Within minutes real missiles were now being launched by the United States targeting Canada and Iraq.