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Welcome to The Little Seer Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Welcome to the blog tour for my debut novel The Little Seer! This week only at each blog tour stop, you will find a different piece of information about this new speculative supernatural novel, including book excerpts, interviews, book reviews, and an inside peek into the making of this novel, which hit #3 and #5 on Amazon’s Kindle Bestseller Lists for Christian Suspense and Occult / Supernatural this week. And to cap it off, I’m giving away a signed copy of The Little Seer here for one fan. Thank you so much for your support! Give the whole novel a try in e-book or paperback. I hope you like it!


The Little Seer Blog Tour

Feb. 17-22: Laura K. Cowan, Author: Laura K. Cowan
During the blog tour, I will be hosting a giveaway of a signed paperback copy of The Little Seer on my website, as well as posting up-to-date info about what’s going on each day on the blog tour. Check out the details below on the giveaway!

Feb. 18: Malcolm R. Campbell, Book Reviewer/Blogger: Malcolm’s Round Table
Malcolm R. Campbell at Malcolm’s Round Table often reviews fantasy titles as well as speculative fiction, so I will be guest posting over on his blog about what spiritual speculative supernatural fiction really is, and how it relates to the popular fantasy genre. Should be good!

Feb. 19: Amber McCallister, Book Reviewer/Blogger: The Wonderings of One Person
Amber McCallister of Wonderings of One Person often reviews speculative titles such as The Little Seer, and will be offering her insights in to the book as well as an excerpt from the text for those of you who haven’t read it yet. Stay tuned.

Feb. 20: Erin El Mehairi, Book Reviewer/Blogger: Oh for the Hook of a Book!
Erin will be conducting an interview, to give you a different angle on The Little Seer, and how such a strange story came to be written at all.

Feb. 21: Bruce Hennigan, Speculative Supernatural Author, Speaker: Bruce Hennigan
Bruce Hennigan is a writer of spiritual speculative supernatural novels and other related works similar to mine. He will be hosting a book review and inside peek into the making of The Little Seer on his website for the first stop in this mini blog tour. Come check out his work, and get a chance to peek over my shoulder.

Visit Laura's blog post to find out how to enter her giveaway!

Here is my humble review for this book. I can't say enough good things about this story! 

Excerpt from The Little Seer

By Laura K. Cowan


From Book I: Exodus

Aria found herself lying on the hard ground. She checked herself for injuries. Nothing seemed to be sprained or broken.
                “What are you doing out here all alone, little girl?” a woman’s voice asked abruptly.
Aria jumped to her feet to find a pale, dark-haired woman in a glittering red sari standing next to a large tree. Her hand caressed the trunk, making her heavy silver rings and bracelets shimmer in the low light.
She smiled, but it came out sort of upside down, with deep grooves running down the sides of her mouth.
Aria took a step back.
The color of her eyes was very dark, such a dark gray that her eyes almost looked black.
                “I—I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there,” Aria stuttered. “Was that carousel yours?”
                The woman laughed a deep, growling kind of laugh.
“You shouldn’t be all by yourself out here. You never know who is in a forest like this.”
She laughed again, and her sari slipped away from her feet, revealing gold, pointed shoes. They quickly faded to a bright orange, and Aria tasted blood on her tongue. The sense of a dark presence only intensified when the woman moved toward her again.
“It’s you!” Aria gasped, stepping back. “You were in my house!”
The woman sneered. The darkness of her pupils flooded the whites of her eyes, so they were ink black from lid to lid. She blinked quickly, like a reptile.
“What do you want with me?” Aria cried, scrambling backward. “Who are you?”
The soulless black eyes of the sheep bird flashed in Aria’s mind, and suddenly she knew it was all the same force. The same evil.
“You seem confused,” the woman replied.
Aria was confused, but she realized in a moment of clarity that it was the wood, or the woman—or something—that was making her confused. She struggled to think clearly.
“Are you the bear, too?” she asked. What other frightening creatures had she faced down in her dreams that could have been this woman—this thing pursuing her?
The woman chuckled. “You can’t blame all of your insanity on me,” she hissed. “The darkest creatures in your dreams come from deep inside you.”
                “I need to go,” Aria said. She stumbled backwards and tripped over a log.
                “Where will you go?” the woman asked, towering over her with another upside down, black-eyed smile.
                “My daddy’s house isn’t far,” Aria replied. She peered through the trees and finally spotted what she knew was the western edge of the forest. Her head was feeling clearer now.
                “Your daddy? He left you in here all alone? Not a very nice daddy, I don’t think,” the woman smirked. “Come with me.”
She reached out for Aria’s hand, but Aria pulled back.
                “I’m not alone!” she said.
                “No?” The woman waited for her to explain herself.
                “No.” Aria stood to her feet.
                The woman’s manner changed. “I see,” she said, scowling.
                “I have to get out of here,” Aria repeated, searching the underbrush for the path.
The woman raised her hands and hissed, “Well let’s see if you can get out of this!”
She thrust her hands toward the ground. A foul-smelling breeze lifted a cloud of dead leaves off the forest floor at Aria’s feet.
Something inside Aria shouted, Run!
An invisible force pushed Aria back onto the path, where she took off toward the west. She tore through the forest, crushing the plants underfoot and pounding the hard ground with her feet. Whispers swirled behind her and pursued her as she fled. She looked over her shoulder and caught a glimpse of dark winged shapes hurling themselves through the forest canopy behind her. The creatures snapped through thick tree branches and shrieked to each other in a strange language.
Aria could just barely make out the edge of the tree line, where some light from the dwindling sun filtered through the trees. She headed toward the light as fast as her feet could manage.
Something tore at her shirt, but she didn’t turn to see what it was. She could feel hot breath on the back of her neck and could picture talons reaching out to slice through the flesh of her back.
She ran for her life.
                She ran until the trees thinned out, and headed full-speed for the light of the setting sun.
Then she found herself airborne where the ground fell away beneath her, and she fell through a rainbow-lined mist.

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