Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Little Seer by Laura Cowan

The Little Seer by Laura Cowan is a high-intensity, no holds barred, we-are-coming-to- get-you thriller that will open your eyes to more than you can ever imagine. It will make you think twice about what you think you see, and it will not easily let you go. The pages of this book will ensnare and lure you into a safe lull before jumping out of the shadows to reveal its true self. You will take one wild ride. The question (from that of my favorite author Ted Dekker) that you have to answer for admission is, “Wanna trip, baby?”

This story begins with a sweet and confused twelve-year-old girl named Aria. She is a typical pre-adolescent who is just trying to understand the people and things around her in order to find her place in this world. She isn’t overly demanding or selfish, but she finds that her friends are beginning to treat her differently than they used to due to their heightened sense of differences, as they are getting older. The grown-ups around her are changing as well, but she can’t easily figure out where their changes are coming from. Unknown to her, Aria is about to embark on a truly life-changing journey that will forever alter her, her world-view, and her heart. Her parents, her church, and her community will never be the same again.

Aria isn’t sure she is up to the challenges that lay ahead, but she has more inner strength than even she realizes. Thankfully, the young girl begins to watch as her list of allies goes from zero to overflowing as they are introduced into her life just as she needs them. She is able to draw strength and endurance from her parents, her old friends, and even some surprising new friends. Aria finds that she may be able to do what is asked of her if only she will lay aside her doubts and fears and pick up the mantle that has been laid at her feet. 

The love and compassion that flows from the pages of this book will revitalize even the coldest and hardest of hearts. Rivers of peace, mercy, and grace will replenish your spirit, and you will rest and rejoice in the knowledge that you are not alone and forgotten. We are all treasured and cherished beyond what our mortal comprehension can understand and fathom. Our lives have a beautiful and magnificent purpose if we will only gather up enough courage to discover what it is.

I must warn you that when you begin a journey such as the one that Aria takes in search of the truth, the resistance that you will come up against is considerable. This is not an easy, pleasant walk down the yellow brick road. Instead, it is a journey wrought with danger and evil. When you go in search of things that some don’t want you to uncover, life is made much more difficult than it would normally be. The dark doesn’t want the light to shine on it and reveal what it is doing. Please know that taking this type of a journey, while dangerous, is always worth it. What you gain in the end makes what you lose in the process pale by comparison. You will never regret it.

This story touched me deeply on a very personal level.  I was astounded at how events and people from my past seemed to run parallel to some of what we see Aria experience. It broke my heart that someone gathered bits and pieces of such a haunting, hurtful, and yet valuable part of my life and then artfully weaved them into such a thought-provoking journey that I felt so ashamedly naked but also overwhelmingly loved. 

While I know this story isn’t about me, it pains me to realize that it is about all of us. We have all experienced parts of what Aria has to deal with and live through, and we all need something to help pull us through it and change us as a result of it. I will always treasure this story and will continue to allow its truth and lessons to ring in my ears as a reminder of the important things in life that should never be forgotten. I would like to thank Laura Cowan from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful, heart-wrenching story of love. May God fill your heart with new stories that will reach out into this dark world and touch the lives of those who need healing, hope, and a renewal of their spirit.

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