Monday, December 3, 2012

Judas Iscariot

When it comes to Judas Iscariot, is it possible that 2000 years of tradition have gotten it all wrong? Would you have done the same?
 Tosca Lee paints a very different picture of Judas than what we have ever heard in Church or Sunday School. Through years of her meticulous research and unique way of painting a person's life in the most simple yet beautiful strokes of her masterful gift, we are presented with a brutally honest and human view of the life of Judas. We are gifted a chance to see through the multifaceted and inquisitive lens of Tosca how Judas is no more or less then a simple human man who desired what we desire, who has hopes and dreams very similar to ours, and who loved with all of his being.
This is one story that you will be gravely disappointed that you did not read! This exploration into the life of Judas will leave you looking at Judas and Jesus in a way that you never would have thought possible. This is one story that is truly life changing!