Monday, November 5, 2012

The Orphan King by Sigmund Brouwer

The Orphan King takes you to a medieval time filled with knights, lords, earls, and the ominous struggle of two secret societies each trying to shape and mold this time for their own means – one for the pursuit of good and one for their endless lust for power. In the midst of the struggle between these two groups comes a prophesied boy who is desired by both groups, but neither knows where his allegiance lies thanks to the diligence of his mother who hides him from both until she could finish raising him. She dies when her son, Thomas, is only 11 years old making him an orphan left to finish his own preparation to seek out and take hold of his destiny which goes much deeper than he could ever imagine.

Through careful preparation to fulfill his destiny, he finds himself surrounded by unlikely companions – a mysterious knight, a young pickpocket, and a deaf and mute girl. He is unsure about this group, but he has no others to help him on his journey, so he brings them along, but not without some reservations. Are they who they claim to be? Will they help him fulfill his destiny, or will they sabotage his plan along the way? Who can he trust, and who must be keep a close eye on? These are the questions he wrestles with along each step of his journey that brings him closer to what he is drawn to do as a pledge to his mother. 

In addition to these troubles, he is lost in his own heart. He is an orphan making his way to what he knows is before him, but he deeply desires to become a part of a family at the end of his journey. He is grateful for the feeling of belonging to this motley group, but he hopes to reach a much more permanent sense of belonging after running this course set by his mother. His heart aches to be part of a whole. He longs for the unconditional love and sense of connection that comes with a real family. 

This is the story of one working to fulfill his destiny. He knows he is supposed to do something great, but his vision is much too narrow for what ultimately lies before him. He has the courage to the take the steps to move forward, but is it enough to keep the momentum going? Will his courage and strength to hold out? Does he have what it really takes to grab hold of what is his and take it without fear? As he struggles with these questions, he also finds himself thinking more and more of the God that his mother talked to him about as a child. He finds himself confronted by those who also believe in this same God and wonders what good this God has done in light of what all he has seen and lived through himself. He finds himself calling out to this God in his most desperate hours.

I found myself mesmerized and astonished by the beautifully captivating storyline and the simple yet intricate characters that weaved their way throughout the plot. The story while simple at first glance quietly becomes one wrought with mystery and deception that is blown wickedly about by the cruel winds of the moors. I was utterly enthralled by this story as I crept deeper into the life of this orphan boy named Thomas. He drew me in through his unwavering devotion to his mother and his determined sense of purpose to change his life into something greater. I was sad to see this story end, but overjoyed to see that it is only the beginning of his journey. There is much more to learn and discover about this simple yet intriguing orphan boy.

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  1. This story sounds really intriguing. It's one that I need to add to my TBR!