Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mortal by Ted Dekker and Tocsa Lee

Mortal is the second book in the Books of Mortals trilogy where we see the story of Rom Sebastian continue to unfold and deepen. This story is not only about Rom, but about the story of all of the dead who accepted Jonathan's blood and became Mortals.  This is the story of their coming to life through the blood of one who could reverse a terrible virus that stripped mankind of every emotion but fear as a pretense to stopping war and violence against each other.  This is the story of their deliverance from fear and Order – the rules they live their lives by in order to pass into Bliss after their death.
Nine year after Forbidden, we see that Jonathan is now just days away from becoming eighteen, which will then thrust him into the seat of Sovereign of the entire world. The purpose of this is to bring out a new world. A world where the dead shall become alive once again and Jonathan will provide the life giving blood for this purpose. In those same nine years, Rom has devoted his life to not only keeping Jonathan safe but ensuring that he takes the seat of Sovereign in just mere days. He has spent every waking hour working to this purpose. 
Of course even the best laid plans can easily become undone. Rom’s plans are no exception. Saric, the half-brother of Feyn, the last Sovereign who laid down her life to allow Jonathan to rule and bring about life to all that are dead, has other plans. He thwarts Rom’s plans at every turn and brings great evil to bar the way to Jonathan’s rule. He has created a massive army whose purpose is to destroy Jonathan and all those who stand with him. 
As this story unfolded before me, I was struck by the passion, the intensity, and the struggle that dripped from each page. There was no break from the mounting anticipation throughout this book. Instead you were quickly plunged into the tumultuous waves that whipped you from side to side, drowning you in the depths of evil and despair and then tossing you up above the crest of those same waves into the peace and pleasure of brief glimpses of Heaven.
I could see many parallels between this story and that of the Circle Series which embodies the journey of our deliverance from the grip of evil. I was very pleased to feel the similarities of those two stories. While we may view that journey in many ways and from many eyes, it is always the same. Love came to us, love offered us life, and then love sacrificed all for us to be able to have a choice. Only we can decide to what choice to make – Him or evil.
Ted and Tocsa performed such a graceful and beautiful dance of the life of love. It brought me to tears in places and lifted my heart when I didn’t think it was possible. These master story tellers wove a majestic pattern that resulted in the most beautiful tapestry then one could have imagined. It blinds me at times and at other times it makes me want to hide in shame and yet it continues to draw me in deeper and further into the story. It beckons me to follow in order to discover the next part of the story. It leaves me unsettled, uncomfortable, and yearning for more, so I wait in quiet anticipation for the last part of this simple yet overwhelming story of love, grace, and redemption.

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