Friday, October 28, 2011

Boneman's Daughters by Ted Dekker

This is a story that will resonate with adults\parents and teenagers alike. It is a story of a father's undying and unwavering love for his daughter.

Even though the father has been separated from his family by a time of serving in the military, he is very anxious to get back to them and become a family once more. However, things have changed since his absence. His wife has turned to another man and is poisoning their daughter against him.

As a huge twist to the story, the daughter is kidnapped by a serial killer just before the father can begin to try to win her heart back. To make matters worse, his wife and the authorities begin to suspect that he is actually the serial killer. This makes his attempts to get help to rescue his daughter an almost impossible task.

In the end, he must rescue his daughter himself.

The love of this father is a beautiful sight to see. He will go to whatever lengths are needed and endure all manner of pain and suffering in order to find and rescue his daughter. His love knows no bounds, and he won't rest until she is safe.

Who wouldn't want a father like that?! What man wouldn't want to be this type of a father for his daughter?

This story echoes the Biblical story of the The Prodigal Son. It describes in beautiful detail the love of the father towards his wayward son. How much he yearns for his son to return home to him. It hurts him to know that his son is in misery, and that he chose that path himself to take.

We also watch as BoneMan, the serial killer, tries to take the place of the father. He wants to become a counterfeit father to destroy this girl and make her into a shadow of what she is meant to be.

The father eventually sets his daughter free, but in the end, it was her choice to be allowed to be set free. You see our Heavenly Father will never go against our will. We have to choose Him, and when we do oh the unimaginable blessings that He will shower us with. He desires to give us the utmost desires of our heart, but we have to choose to obey Him and allow Him to bring about those blessing into our life.

God is not about restrictions, mandates, or procedures. He is about love, grace, and hope. He wants to sets us free to become who He intended us to be from our inception. He wants to give us a full and rich life that abounds with grace and love.

Which father will you choose? The one who sets you free by the sacrifice of His son, or the one who wants to put you in chains and keep you captive to satiate his jealousy over God's unimaginable love for you?

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