Saturday, September 3, 2011

Forbidden - Book 1 in the Mortal Trilogy by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee

Forbidden is a breathtaking and heart wrenching masterpiece that is sure to become a favorite among readers who desire to look deep within their own heart and soul to discover who they really are.

In this new world of Dekker and Lee, fear is the only emotion that has not been genetically removed from all humans walking the earth. Fear was left to keep the world safe from another horrific war, but in truth, it was left in order to rule the world's population with relative ease.

With fear in control of the masses, there is an artificial peace. However, what really keeps the people in line is the fear of retribution in the afterlife - not going to a place of peace after they die. What a truly sad and meaningless existence this is!

A discovery is soon made that this is not the only or the real way to live life. Unfortunately, along with this discovery comes the danger of death in order to keep this truth concealed from the people.

What this truth reveals is that instead of living a life of fear, you can actually live your life the way it was meant to be lived - to shed their paralyzing fear and experience the full range of human emotions as they were meant to be felt and lived. A life of freedom and hope and love. A life where dreams can come true. A life we were always meant to live. All we have to do is to leave behind the comfort of the familiar and chase after the embrace of the unknown.

The choice is in your hands. Will you choose to remain dead in the fear you are willingly living in, or will you choose to come to life and experience the love, passion, courage, hope and all of the other emotions that transform an existence into true living?

The possibilities are endless in this new life, but it all starts with a choice. What will you choose?

Forbidden takes you on a wild ride from the depths of despair to the mountain peaks of bliss. You will live the life of these endearing characters along with them. You will share in their trials, endure their pain, and revel in their awakening.

This book will have you thinking twice about whether or not a story can truly touch your soul and transform your heart. You will wonder how opening a book can open not only your mind but also your heart. This powerful and poetic story will sear its message on the door of your heart. It will hold you captive with its message of hope and love that will wrap itself around you with cords of comforting velvet.

You will not think the same after diving deep into this story. You will not see the world the same after you emerge from this tale of redemption. You will not be the same after being reborn from the fiery telling of this legend.